What's up rats!

This app's goal is to act as a social motivator for fitness and health. Team up with, or compete against, family and friends in a group challenge. Whether for a personal or group challenge, it is important to track workouts and hold yourself accountable. I've been surprised to find it works well to get me off the couch and I'm not totally alone in this vein. Since launch in March of 2019, ~30,000 rats have participated in ~10,000 challenges logging over 500,000 workouts... and that's growing.

Sports teams, office divisions, friend groups, and family members use the app to keep each other accountable and motivate each other to workout more often. A little competition goes a long way. The app's feature set boasts unlimited number of members, Apple Health app integration, custom scoring methods, group chat, and more.

To keep in touch with the app's happenings you can follow GymRats on Twitter or check out the news section. For the technicaly inclined, the app's source code is open and freely available to view and do with what you like. New features are sporadically.

There is a sole engineer working on the project (me) and development occurs part-time outside of a full-time job. Speed of change is not super fast. Being a user of the app myself, and having participated in over 30 challenges, I am incentivized to keep adding features and making improvements. Full device wearables integration, goal based challenges, public challenges; there is a lot to do.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the app, please feel free to email me. I am grateful for app store reviews, both praise and critique, so any feedback you have goes a long way. Thank you.

Happy ratting,

Mack Hasz
CPO (Chief Protein Officer)