Free, unlimited group fitness challenges.

GymRats is a group fitness challenge app. Enlist friends, family, teammates, and colleagues to compete in healthy competition.

Available on iOS and Android.

Create a challenge

Log workouts

Be accountable

Make progress


Start a challenge for a set number of days. Set a goal and reach it with the help of some friends.

Log workouts

Track workouts by simply taking a picture. Add a description, tag a location, or add data like distance, duration, or calories.


Invite an unlimited number of people to join the challenge group. Compete against one another and hold each other accountable by having a shared space for fitness.


Share a group chat to stay in touch. Drop a comment on a workout to let them know how you really feel.

All the stats

Track number of workouts, group average a day, longest streak...


Participate in multiple challenges at once for a variety of goals and look back at past challenges.